Monday, June 9, 2008

Madison Graduating 1st Grade

I can't believe I have a 7 year old. Man I am getting old. Madison finished school last week and her teacher had a graduation party and handed out awards. Jeff and I got a little choked up when Madison receieved 7 awards. We were so proud of her!

Clayten Playing Soccer

Clayten has been playing soccer this spring. He has one more game. Thank goodness cause I want to go back to sleeping in on saturdays. J/K I love watching him play. He started out not so aggressive but has improved. Two weeks ago he scored. Yeah! And last week he scored again. Go Buddy! I was so proud of him!! After he scored he ran up to me and said when do we go to the store and buy me a toy mom. Ha Ha!! I forgot I told him a couple weeks ago if he scores a goal I will take him to the store and let him pick out any toy. Man my kids remember everything I say. It doesn't hurt to bribe him a little bit....Right?

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

For Memorial Day Weekend we went to a cabin in Hannah. It was rainy but the kids had fun! We went on paddle boats and kayaks. The kids enjoyed throwing rocks into the pond and fishing with their dad. It was Rebecca's first vacation!