Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Indoor Soccer

Madison and Clayten played indoor soccer with their cousins. They had a really good time. It was Madison's first time and she did really well. She was the shortest on her team and every other team they played but she didn't back down and went after the ball like my tough girl. Clayten's coach was his Uncle Gregg. He scored two goals in the last game. He said they were for me and Jeff. What a sweet boy! It was fun watching the kids play! It made me want to get out there and play as well.
Clayten in Orange on the right going after the ball

Clayten in the orange kicking the ball

Just look for the littlest girl in orange on the field and that is Madison running after the ball

Madison and cousin Brynnon with their coach waiting to go into the game

Monday, November 23, 2009


We started the day off with the kids parade. Madison was Gabriela from High School Musical but she forgot to wear her microphone headset for the parade. Clayten was bumble bee transformer but he couldn't wear his mask to school. After the parade I helped in Clayten's class with Halloween bingo. I wasn't able to help Madison's class but spent time with her at recess. Later I sprayed Madison's hair black. It was cool looking but that stuff gets everywhere. Then we were off to trunk or treat. Jeff wasn't done with work yet so I had my neighbors mom pass out our candy while I took the kids around. Rebecca was so cute saying tik or teat. There was still some candy left when we finished so the kids passed out the rest. Well Rebecca didn't she just ate the candy. After that Jeff was done with work so we made the rounds to the Grandparents houses. It was a fun Halloween!

Madison and Clayten passing out candy

Rebecca eating the candy

Trunk or Treat

First Snow

The kids were so excited for the first snow of the year. They hurried and got their snow gear on and headed out the door.

Rebecca's first time playing in snow. She had fun and didn't want to come inside!

General Conference Weekend

Jeff went to Canada on his mission. He baptized Eustace Saul and has kept in touch with him. Eustace has always wanted to go to General Conference so he and his wife, Patricia came to visit us for a week and they were able to go. We took them sight seeing, went to the Salt Lake Temple and just hung out and had a good time.
Playing the Wii

Eustace putting on Beccas shoes

This is the Place

In front of Salt Lake Temple

Temple Square

Sitting around eating snacks

Patricia always did the dishes (what a sweetheart) and Madison was helping

Friday, October 9, 2009

Clayten 7th Birthday Party

Rebecca Sleeping!

Rebecca has to go to bed with her babies. The big baby was mine from when I was a little girl and then there is another little baby. So when it is nap time or bed time she says babies babies and that means she is ready to sleep. She takes care of those babies and loves and cuddles them. So darn cute!

Park City

Jeff's parents have a condo in Park City that they let us stay in for a couple of days every year. The kids love to go here and swim. One of the nights it was only Jeff and I and we just relaxed and sat in the hot tub and went out to eat to a resturaunt that we hadn't been to in forever. We had a really much needed night to ourselves. The next day we packed up the kids without them knowing and then went and got them at the babysitters house and told them we needed to run some errands. It was Clayten's birthday and he was bummed we weren't doing anything fun that day. We got to the condo and I ran in to get our new keys. We had to change rooms because of leak in the ceiling of the bathroom. Anyway I come out and say, "Okay we are done let's go home and Clayten says, "Oh man that was stupid I should have stayed home." We laughed and said just kidding we are staying here for the night for your birthday. The kids eyes got so big and they were soooo excited! We had a good time swimming and being together as a family. Now Madison wants a suprise for her birthday hum.... what to do? Thanks Mom and Dad Lynn for watching the kids and letting us stay in Park City!
The kids loved playing and hanging on the cart!

Swimming in the pool!

Ready for bed!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rebecca eating cake!

We had my brother Gary and his wife Theressa and their kids Autumn and Paxton over for dinner and we were having cake for dessert and I had to catch this video of Rebecca eating cake. It is so funny!

Rebecca holding cousin Paxton! She loves him so much and loves to hold him and say Baby Baby.

Paxton is such a sweet heart! I love to hold him!

First Day of School

The kids started school the end of August. They were so excited to go and meet their teachers and make new friends. They are doing well in school. Rebecca sure misses them but we are enjoying time together.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Old Western Photos in Jackson Hole

While we were in Jackson we took some Old Western photos. The kids had fun dressing up! They didn't want to take off their costumes. Except for Becca she was in shock and didn't want to move with her dress on. Notice all the pictures of her is the same look. Hey but she sat there and was a good girl!

Cute couple!

Oh ya!

Family Photo

Mom and Dad Lynn

Monday, August 31, 2009

Jackson Hole

Our family went to Jackson Hole and drove up into Yellowstone Park the end of July. Jeff did some trade work and we got a condo for a week. We had Jeff's brothers family come for half of the week and then Jeff's parents came for the other half. We really had a fun time! The kids got to see a Bear for the first time. We also saw a Moose close up and saw many other animals. We love Jackson Hole! It is so relaxing and fun! We are going to make this vacation our family tradition.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lake Powell

We went to Lake Powell in July with Jeff's brother and stayed on his houseboat. We usually go by ourselves but this year we decided to take the whole family. Madison and Clayten had a ball and we just had to keep a close eye on Rebecca. Good times! We love Lake Powell! Thanks for having us again Todd and Kim!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hogle Zoo

My sister and I went to the Zoo with our kids about a week ago. We had a great time! It was hot! Luckily Julee brought a spray bottle and the kids had fun spraying each other to keep cool. Well some of the kids did. LOL! Here are some pics!
Cousins in front of the Zoo

A picture by the big elephant

My sister and her kids

Riding the train

Merry go round

This monkey behind the kids copied everything they did. The kids got a kick out of it. It was hilarious!

Cousins watching the bird show

Monday, July 13, 2009

4th of July fireworks

Our family did some fireworks in our front yard for the 4th of July. The whole time Rebecca was saying, Wow, Wow, Wow! I thought they would scare her but she loved them. Madison and Clayten loved chasing down the parachutes from the fireworks.
Our neighbors came over and watched too and brought Rebecca an icecream cone. She enjoyed herself!

Rebecca watching the fireworks!

Madison with sparklers!