Thursday, April 22, 2010

Aunt Janice's Birthday

Jeff has started Physical Therapy on his neck and it is rough for him. This night at the dinner he wasn't feeling good. But we couldn't miss Aunt Janice's Birthday dinner. It was at one of her favorite Chinese Resturaunts. The food was good and so was the company. Jeff's parents were there and Verla and Jack, Janice's sister. Can you believe some one other than in my family is named Verla. When I told Jeff my middle name when we were dating I thought he would laugh like all my other friends but he just said, "Hey my Aunts name is Verla." Anyway we stayed there for three hours but we had to go home and get to our kiddos. So an hour later I called Jeff's parents and they were still there. Good times!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


*Wow I am finally caught up on blogging and it feels good*
We had my brother and his family over and colored eggs on saturday. On easter Sunday we enjoyed conference and had Jeff's parents and Aunt and Uncle over for dinner. Aunt Janice baked a turkey. Yummy turkey dinner!
Kids coloring eggs

Clayten made a BYU egg

Auti lovin Becca

Madison's egg

Family Dinner

Playing a game of Dominos

Grandma Freking and Becca doing her puzzle

Grandpa Freking and Becca squeezing each others air filled cheeks

Madison Dancing at Silhouette Showcase

Madison is on the first row third in from the left

Hunter High Silhouettes Showcase

Madison and her friends did the mini clinics for the showcase. They danced to Miley Cyrus. They did really good and enjoyed themselves. They even got their 2nd grade teacher Miss Rindlisbacher to come and watch them. They thought that was pretty neat. The night before I went to a Silhouette reunion in the library at HHS and had dinner. I was one of the older Silhouettes and that was sad to see but I still had fun. The current Silhouettes did a fashion show with most all of the past costumes. That brought back many good memories. For attending the dinner they made a kick girl that hung at the showcase. SFL!

Jumpin Jacks

My parents watched my kids and my sisters kids while they were out of town and while I went to work and Jeff was in California for a Drs. checkup. So they packed up the kids and went to Jumpin Jacks. Becca wasn't sure of the big blow up slides but later she was bouncin by herself. Yeah! The cousins had a blast together!

Cousins Sleepover

Autumn and Paxton slept over and the girls had fun playing dress up and Paxton loved being cuddled. Autumn and Becca could have stayed up all night if we let them but we had to seperate them just so they could get some sleep. Clayten loves to hold Paxton as well and play with him. They are little buds!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Jeff's neck surgery

Jeff had surgery on his neck in California on January 27th. The Doctor had to fix his surgery he had back in March of 2008 by fusing C6 and C7 again. He also had to fuse C5 and C6. Surgery went well! He was in California for a couple of weeks. I missed him soooo much. It was hard not being there and taking care of him. Luckily his sister, Kristina, lived 30 minutes away and brought him home from the hospital and took care of him.

Rebecca's 2 year old Birthday

Rebecca is two! How time flies. Rebecca is such a sweet girl. She loves to cuddle. She is a daddy's girl. She loves to tease. We wouldn't be a complete family without her.
Grandpa Freking and Rebecca

Dad, Rebecca and Madison with their yummy carrot cake!

MMMMM........Yummy cake and icecream!

Rebecca loved rolling the ball back and forth with Grandpa Freking

We got her an alphabet puzzle

The moment she opened it she started putting it together by herself

Madison's 9th Birthday Party

Madison wanted to go sledding for her birthday party so we loaded the kids up with the help of a friend and my sisters Julee and Theressa. Earlier Julee and I staked out some hills where we could go and found a nice hill by her house out in West Jordan. I didn't think we would have such a problem with no snow in West Valley the end of January. The kids had a blast and would have stayed there all day if we let them. So we loaded up the kids again and went home and had donuts and hot cocoa. We opened presents and then Madison played sing it with her friends.
It was a great day!

New Year New Hair

I have had long hair for about 5 years now and so I was needing a change. It was sad cutting off my ten inches of hair but I donated it to Locks of Love so that made me feel better. Hollie Ellis cut and styled my hair really cute. I wish I could have her do my hair everyday. I swear you come home after getting your hair done and it's perfect and then the next day you have to do it and you can never do it the same as they did. I try! Well everyone was in shock when they saw me but most seemed to like my hair. Even Jeff did that loves my hair long. It was an adjustment not using as much shampoo and conditioner and actually doing my hair every morning instead of pulling it back in a pony tail. All in all it was a good change.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Family Christmas Parties!

We had my family Christmas party before Christmas. The grandkids put on a nativity scene. Clayten was one of the three wise men, Madison was a shepard and Rebecca was a spectator. It was cute to watch all the kids! We ate dinner and opened presents. A week later we had Jeff's side of the families Christmas party in Kaysville at Marshall and Jill's house. We ate soup and rolls. Later the cousins opened presents. It was a good night to just sit around and chat with the adults while the kids played downstairs.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Christmas Day

We were really blessed this year with help from family and friends. With Jeff's doctor taking him off work the end of November and waiting for his surgery on his neck. Those that helped gave our kids a wonderful Christmas. Someone also did the 12days of Christmas for our family and it was fun to see the kids rush to the door when they knocked and tried to see who it was.
Maddy really wanted a Barbie Doll'd up nail printer

Clayten and his nerf gun with a scope

Clayten bought Madison a book shelf and put it together with his new drill

Becca and her new baby

Opening presents

Becca loved eating her M&M's

Clayten's 1st grade class christmas sing a long

Clayten is in the second row with a green shirt on.

Madison's 3rd grade class christmas sing a long

Madison is in the second row in the middle with a white shirt on.