Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Indoor Soccer

Madison and Clayten played indoor soccer with their cousins. They had a really good time. It was Madison's first time and she did really well. She was the shortest on her team and every other team they played but she didn't back down and went after the ball like my tough girl. Clayten's coach was his Uncle Gregg. He scored two goals in the last game. He said they were for me and Jeff. What a sweet boy! It was fun watching the kids play! It made me want to get out there and play as well.
Clayten in Orange on the right going after the ball

Clayten in the orange kicking the ball

Just look for the littlest girl in orange on the field and that is Madison running after the ball

Madison and cousin Brynnon with their coach waiting to go into the game

Monday, November 23, 2009


We started the day off with the kids parade. Madison was Gabriela from High School Musical but she forgot to wear her microphone headset for the parade. Clayten was bumble bee transformer but he couldn't wear his mask to school. After the parade I helped in Clayten's class with Halloween bingo. I wasn't able to help Madison's class but spent time with her at recess. Later I sprayed Madison's hair black. It was cool looking but that stuff gets everywhere. Then we were off to trunk or treat. Jeff wasn't done with work yet so I had my neighbors mom pass out our candy while I took the kids around. Rebecca was so cute saying tik or teat. There was still some candy left when we finished so the kids passed out the rest. Well Rebecca didn't she just ate the candy. After that Jeff was done with work so we made the rounds to the Grandparents houses. It was a fun Halloween!

Madison and Clayten passing out candy

Rebecca eating the candy

Trunk or Treat

First Snow

The kids were so excited for the first snow of the year. They hurried and got their snow gear on and headed out the door.

Rebecca's first time playing in snow. She had fun and didn't want to come inside!

General Conference Weekend

Jeff went to Canada on his mission. He baptized Eustace Saul and has kept in touch with him. Eustace has always wanted to go to General Conference so he and his wife, Patricia came to visit us for a week and they were able to go. We took them sight seeing, went to the Salt Lake Temple and just hung out and had a good time.
Playing the Wii

Eustace putting on Beccas shoes

This is the Place

In front of Salt Lake Temple

Temple Square

Sitting around eating snacks

Patricia always did the dishes (what a sweetheart) and Madison was helping