Friday, October 9, 2009

Clayten 7th Birthday Party

Rebecca Sleeping!

Rebecca has to go to bed with her babies. The big baby was mine from when I was a little girl and then there is another little baby. So when it is nap time or bed time she says babies babies and that means she is ready to sleep. She takes care of those babies and loves and cuddles them. So darn cute!

Park City

Jeff's parents have a condo in Park City that they let us stay in for a couple of days every year. The kids love to go here and swim. One of the nights it was only Jeff and I and we just relaxed and sat in the hot tub and went out to eat to a resturaunt that we hadn't been to in forever. We had a really much needed night to ourselves. The next day we packed up the kids without them knowing and then went and got them at the babysitters house and told them we needed to run some errands. It was Clayten's birthday and he was bummed we weren't doing anything fun that day. We got to the condo and I ran in to get our new keys. We had to change rooms because of leak in the ceiling of the bathroom. Anyway I come out and say, "Okay we are done let's go home and Clayten says, "Oh man that was stupid I should have stayed home." We laughed and said just kidding we are staying here for the night for your birthday. The kids eyes got so big and they were soooo excited! We had a good time swimming and being together as a family. Now Madison wants a suprise for her birthday hum.... what to do? Thanks Mom and Dad Lynn for watching the kids and letting us stay in Park City!
The kids loved playing and hanging on the cart!

Swimming in the pool!

Ready for bed!