Friday, February 6, 2009

I went on a crazy blog spree today so keep scrolling down

Madison's Baptism Day!!!!!

It was a special Day! Madison was so excited! And a little nervous. I just kept looking at her in awe because she is my daughter and is eight and getting baptized. I wanted the day to be so perfect and it was. We arrived at the church early which is a odd for me. Took some pictures and waited for the program to start. There were so many people who came and supported Madison. The program went well with Grandma Lynn talking about Baptism and Clayten giving a talk about the Holy Ghost. I don't think the people in the back heard him but Madison did and that is all that matters. He did a good job! I helped him and both of our hearts were beating so fast! Jeff baptized her and her Grandpa Lynn confirmed her. Madison said the water wasn't that cold and she had the biggest smile when she came out of the water. I went to help her get dressed and she was shivering so bad. It was such a perfect day! I am so proud of Madison and she is such a great example to me. We love you Madison!!!

Dad and Madison before she was baptized

Dad and Grandpa Lynn

All the men that were in the circle

Grandma Lynn and Grandma Freking at the house after the Baptism

Grandma and Grandpa Freking

All the friends and cousins that were at the baptism. I'm sure we are missing a few.

Rebecca is 1 years old!

Our baby girl is 1 years old. She is such a joy in our lives. The past year has gone by so fast. She has been such a good baby. And a blessing to have in our family. She gets so many loves from family and especially her brother and sister mom and dad. She is always smiling. We don't know what we would do without her. We are so grateful she is in our family! We love you Rebecca!

She opened up her presents and got some toys

Singing Happy Birthday!

Not so sure about the cake

After a few bites she wolfed that cake down.

Rebecca's First Steps

Rebecca took her first steps on friday January 25th. She didn't even know she was walking I think because both hands were holding toys and she just started walking. So exciting! This is a video of her the next day. She is now walking all over the house. Yeah Becca Boo!

Madison's Birthday Party

For Madison's party we went to the U of U gymnastics meet. The girls enjoyed it! We had cake and icecream and opened presents. Then madison's friends slept over. AHHHH! No it wasn't that bad. Just a few fights! They went to bed around midnight. It was nice to have them down in the basement so I didn't hear them singing in the middle of the night. Overall Madison had a good birthday! I can't believe she is eight! Here are the girls in the back of Aunt Jackie's van watching High School Musical. Thanks Aunt Jackie for driving us to the meet!

Watching the meet

U of U gymnastics

Tinker Bell Cake

Eating Cake and Icecream

Opening presents

Farewell Zoey

We will miss our little Zoey. Well maybe not me as much. I was never a dog lover or really any animal lover. So giving Zoey away wasn't as hard for me as everyone else. We wanted to get a dog so maybe the kids would get over their fear of dogs and so now the kids aren't afraid of dogs so there is no need right? Anyway the family thinks I am the devil dog giver awayer. But I don't have to pick up poop or throw up or throw away the kids underwear cause Zoey chewed on them and many more things. Yes the kids and Jeff helped out a little but really I was the one who took care of her and I just couldn't anymore. So we have given her to a friend that will take good care of her and also has a shitzu and so she will have a little dog bff.

Clayten will miss wrestling with Zoey on the floor

We love you Zoey!

Madison will miss holding and petting Zoey

Zoey put up with a lot of eye poking and fur pulling by Rebecca but Zoey would just sit there and take it

Family Christmas Party

We had Jeff's side of the family Christmas party at our house. We fit everyone in very tightly but we are family and we love each other. We had soup and rolls and yummy dessert! We enjoyed everyone that came and missed those that couldn't make it. The adults didn't exchange gifts this year instead we did a service project. All of the families met at the food bank and put together boxes of food and other items people needed. Then we loaded up and delivered the food and items to peoples homes that were in need of them. We all worked together and had a good feeling at the end of the night that Christmas isn't all about gifts but about our Savior Jesus Christ and being like him by helping and serving others. I think we will be doing this every year.